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Canada's National Flag

Canada has a rich musical heritage going back to the early days. There are hundreds, even thousands of songs that are truely Canadian in both lyrics and the sytle of musical composition. Some are National; others tell a story about a specific person, region, city, province or territory.

I have gathered here a partial "list" of some of these Canadian songs. This list is far from a complete list of songs of Canada. It will likely never be "complete", but is a good start!

Please note that I have neither the lyrics, sheet music, recordings or knowledge of the composer of ANY of this Canadian music. To be honest, I haven't even heard of 80% of them. If you require more info on a particular song, I suggest visitors should use Google and search for the exact song title, as noted in this list

Titles of any other Canadian, Provincial ot Territorial songs, that are not presently included here ... please send us an email.

(Note:- a few songs may be listed in more than one place below. We are working to correct this as time and (lack of) ambition permits.)


God Save the Queen (Royal Anthem of Canada)
O Canada (National Anthem of Canada)
The Maple Leaf Forever (Sometimes referred to as the 'Unofficial Canadian Anthem')


In Canada's Centennial year (1967), we welcomed the very popular "Ca-na-da - A Centennial Song" (written by Bobby Gimby)
Another very popular melody was "Canadian Sunset", which was on the 'hit parade' for many weeks.
And who can forget ... "This is my Home (O Canada)" which is another very patriotic and stirring song.
"Let's Get Together, Canada Forever" never quite caught on in Canada's 125th year.
Then, there was the funny Oscar-nominated song from the South Park movie "Blame Canada". This slightly off-colour 'poke' at Canada was humourously presented by Robin Williams at the Academy Awards in March 2000.
There were a number of War Songs of WWI and WWII that had CANADA in the title. See the special section below for these special songs.

We also found these songs with Canada in the title:-
All The Little Rivers of Canada
At The Canada Jubilee
Bells of Canada
Blue Canadian Rockies
Canada, Land of the Maple Tree
Canada in My Pocket
The Canada Song
Canada Is
A Canadian Date
The Canadian Boat Song
Canadian Folk 'Overture'
The Canadian Girl
Canadian Man
Canadian Sunrise
Drink Canada Dry
The Flowers of Canada Song
The Get Going Canada Song
The Green Fields of Canada
God Bless You Canada
Hockey Night in Canada Theme
Lacrosse, Our National Game
I Am Canadian!
I Love You Canada
May God Preserve Thee Canada
My Own Canadian Home
Our Great Canadian Flag
Proud Canadian Soldier
Song for Canada
Sweet, Sweet Canada
Team Canada 2002
The Song of Canada
This Is Canada
Un Canadien Errant (A Wandering Canadian)
Young Man From Canada


"Our Dominion (a National Song and Chorus)" was written in 1867 to celebrate Confederation.
"Dief the Chief" was written as a tribute to our Canadian Prime Minister, (1957-1963) John Diefenbaker.
The frequently sung "This Land Is Your Land", is a Canadian adaptation of an American song of similar patriotic fervour.
A song just as popular, "Something To Sing About", is Canadian by both context and composition.


Newfoundland and Labrador
All aboard for Newfoundland
Back home in Newfoundland
Back in Newfoundland
The Banks of Newfoundland
The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
Bound down for Newfoundland
Brave Wolfe
By the Glow of the Kerosene Light
Come home to Newfoundland
Come home Newfoundlander
Dear old Newfoundland
Discovery of Newfoundland
Down home in Newfoundland
The Emigrant From Newfoundland
Feller From Fortune
Ferrylanf Sealer
Flag of Newfoundland
Fogarty's Cove
For The Fish We Must Prepare
The Fisher Who Died In His Bed
The Fisherman's Alphabet
Gotta get back to Newfie
Green, green grass of Newfoundland
The Greenland Disaster
Hard Times
Heart of Newfoundland
Here's to you Newfoundland
Hills of my Newfoundland home
I Dream of my Home in Newfoundland
I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf
I'm a Newfoundlander
I'm coming home to you Newfoundland
Island of Newfoundland
Isle of Newfoundland
I'se The B'y
It's So Old But Ever New in Newfoundland
Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's
Let's sing to Newfoundland
Little Boats of Newfoundland
Little Isle of Newfoundland
The Logger's Plight
Lonesome for Newfoundland
Lukey's Boat
Me Old Ragadoo
Morning in Newfoundland
My Beautiful Island
My Home Newfoundland
My Newfoundland home
My Native Newfoundland
Near Tickle Cove
Newfoundland Autumn
Newfoundland Bound
Newfoundland Confederation song
The "Newfoundland" Disaster
Newfoundland Forever
The Newfoundland I love
Newfoundland is calling, Welcome home again
Newfoundland, Isle of the free
Newfoundland My home
Newfoundland, Our Terra Nova
Newfoundland That's What You Mean To Me
Newfoundland Treasures
Newfoundland Vacation
A Noble Fleet of Sealers
Ode to Newfoundland
Ode to Labrador
Our province Newfoundland
The Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
Salt Water Joys
She's Like the Swallow
Shores of Newfoundland
Song of Newfoundland
Song for Labrador
Souvenir of Newfoundland
Squarin'-Up Time
The Squid Jiggin' Ground
There's No Price Tags On The Doors of Newfoundland
This Is My Island
Toast to Newfoundland
The Trapper's Song
Tribute to Newfoundland
Two Jinkers
Visit to Newfoundland
The Water Witch
We'll Rant and We'll Roar Like True Newfoundlanders
Welcome To Newfoundland
Willie's Song (Just Come to Newfoundland)
Women of Labrador
Young Chambers

Prince Edward Island
Boys of the Island
Bud the Spud
In Love With An island
Island Clay
The Island Hymn ("Fair Island by the Sea")
Just watching Prince Edward Island
Maritime Soul
My Prince Edward Isle
Nelly J. Banks
Our Island Home
PEI Hymn
Peter's Dream
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Happy Birthday
Prince Edward Island Is Heaven To Me
Prince Edward Island Is Welcoming You
Shores of PEI
Tales of the Phantom Ship

Nova Scotia
A Ballad of New Scotland
Away From the Roll of the Sea
Beautiful Point Aconi
Cape Breton Jig
Cape Breton Barbarian
Come All Ye Old Comrades
Citadel Hill
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Getting Dark Again
Headin' for Halifax
Memories of Nova Scotia
My Nova Scotia Home
Nova Scotia home blues
Nova Scotia is our home
Nova Scotia lullaby
Nova Scotia old home summer
Nova Scotia sky
Nova Scotia to Me
Old Woman from Mabou
Orangedale Whistle
Pathway to Nova Scotia
Please don't sell Nova Scotia
Rolling on the Sea
She's called Nova Scotia
Song for the Mira
A song of Nova Scotia
Take me back to Nova Scotia
The Bluenose
The Nova Scotia Song
Watching the Apples Grow
We Rise Again
We'll all Come Back Again
Where I Still Call Home

New Brunswick
Beautiful New Brunswick
The Land of New Brunswick
New Brunswick bicentennial hymn
I'm heading for New Brunswick
Les mademoiselles du Nouveau-Brunswick
Mon Nouveau-Brunswick
My land (New Brunswick)
Natif du Nouveau Brunswick
New Brunswick
New Brunswick by the sea
New Brunswick celebrates
New Brunswick, land I love
New Brunswick waltz
Le Nouveau-Brunswick
Old New Brunswick moon
Peter Emberley
Take me back to old New Brunswick
Welcome all to New Brunswick

Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser!
A La Claire Fontaine
Bonne Féte
Bonhomme! Abraham
C'est au Québec
Donkey Riding
En roulant Ma Boule/Auprès de ma blonde
Frère Jacques/Entendez-vous sur l'ormeau
Gens du Pays
Goodbye Broadway, Hello Montreal
Hymne au Québec
J'ai le goût du Québec
La Laurentienne
Le Carnaval du Quebec
Les joies du Québec
Joys of Québec
Mary Ann
Mon beau Québec
Mon pays
Mon Québec
The Montreal Bazaar
Never More
Parlez-moi plus du pays du Québec
Le Québec et davantage
Quebec love
Québec mon beau pays
Québec mon pays
Rattle on the Stovepipe
Un Canadien Errant
The Winter's Gone

A Place to Stand (and a place to grow)
A Trip to Niagara Falls
Black Flies of Ontario
Black Fly
Fields of Rock & Snow
Helpless (There is a town in north Ontario)
Ho Ho Wataney (Iriquois Lullaby)
The Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonhia)
Je suis allé en Ontario
Land of the Silver Birch
The Lake Erie Gallop
The Good Ol' Hockey Song
Les Belles de Toronto
Lovely Lake Muskoka
On the Old Ontario Strand, My Boys
Ontario, you've been more than fair to me
Requiem (for the Giants)
The Rose of Ontario
Take me back to old Ontario
The Cobalt song
The Maid from Algoma
The poor little girls of Ontario
The Toronto Song (2010)
Toronto, the Pride of the North
When It's Mayflower Time in Old Ontario
Woodsmoke & Oranges
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Ye Maidens of Ontario

Ciel du Manitoba
Down on the Lakes of Manitoba
Manitoba Hundred
Manitoba (is where I'm heading for)
Manitoba sun.
Manitoba, that's my home
Manitoba towns
Manitoba sunrise
The Manitoba waltz
Moody Manitoba morning
New Manitoba waltz
The Red River Jig (Métis)
Red River Valley
Riel's Farewell
Sing out for Manitoba
Summertime in southern Manitoba
Touring Manitoba

Bird on a Wing
Farewell Saskatchewan
The Girl In Saskatoon
The Fields of Saskatchewan
The Harvest Excursion
I Love My Saskatchewan
Johnny, Drop the Reins
Our own Saskatchewan
The Prairies of Saskatchewan
Roll on Saskatchewan
Running Back To Saskatoon
Saskatchewan for me
Saskatchewan girl's lament
Saskatchewan, my home
Saskatchewan sunrise
Saskatchewan today
Song for Saskatchewan

Alberta Bound
Alberta Dreams
Albert Homesteader
Alberta Land
Alberta My Alberta
Alberta Rose
Alberta Skyline
Alberta Sunny Land
Alberta, the province of Riches Galore
Alberta Today
Alberta Waltz
Alberta Woman
Alberta with Love
Alberta Winds
Alberta's open to you
Back home in Alberta
Beauty in Alberta
Blue Canadian Rockies
Boom Gone to Bust
Calgary Waltz
Can't take Alberta from the boy
Come to Alberta
The Emblem of Alberta
Four Strong Winds
Hello Alberta
I love Alberta
I still hear Alberta calling me
In springtime Alberta
It's Sunny Alberta For Mine
My Alberta Home
Old Alberta Moon
Old Alberta Plains
Only in Alberta
Peace River Waltz
Peace River Home
Prairie Rose, Emblem of Alberta
Springtime in Alberta
Sweet Alberta Sunshine
Sweet Alberta Woman
Take me back to old Alberta
The Alberta Anthem
The Alberta Homesteader
Warm Alberta Rain
We Celebrate Alberta
We're an Alberta Band
Where The Great Peace River Flows
Wide open spaces in Alberta
Wild Alberta Rose
Winter Time in Calgary

British Columbia
The Arrow Lakes
BC Camping Song
Beautiful British Columbia
Beautiful Is What You Are
British Columbia
For This is British Columbia
Go, British Columbia
John Kanaka
Skidegate Love Song
Sulphur Passage
The Grand Hotel
Mary, Come Home
My Home by the Fraser
Old Fargo
On Vancouver Island
The Potlatch Fair
The Royal Hudson
That's B.C.
Vancouver Town
Williams Lake Stampede
The White Rock Song

Yukon Territory
Bright Sky
Echo of the Yukon
Seize the Spirit
Twilight in the Yukon
Waltz of the Yukon
You're Living on Yukon Time
Yukon Gold
The Yukon Song
Yukon Waltz

Northwest Territories
Better Than I Am - Live in Yellowknife
Home to the Northland
Hymn of the North
It's the Great Northwest For Me
Lord Franklin's Lament
Magnetic North
North of Sixty
Northwest Passage
O Siem
Out in the Great Northwest
The Feeling is There
Wings over the North

Nunavut Territory
Frobisher Bay
An Inuit Lullaby
O Siem
Tundra Babe

Note: The list of songs of the Provinces and Territories is based on a National Library of Canada website
( This list has been extensively corrected, added-to and amended.


As I Wandered By The Brookside
At the Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell
Auprès de ma blonde
Ave, Maris Stella
Acadian Driftwood
Acadian National Anthem
The Bad Girl's Lament
The Banks of the Pembina
Barrett's Privateers
La Bastringue (Acadien)
The Battle of the Windmill
La belle s'est endormie (Acadien)
Berceuse acadienne (Acadian Lullaby)
Black Velvet Waltz
The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
The Bold Soldier
Bright Phoebe
Carrion Crow
C'est l'aviron
The Chapeau Boys
Chief Douglas' Daughter
Clouds Of The Evening
D'où viens-tu, bergère?
Do You See That There Bird?
The Dream Tree
An Emigrant's Daughter
En roulant ma boule
Évangéline (Acadien)
The Female Highwayman
A Fenian Song
The Fish Of The Sea
Le Général Dickson
The Ghost Lover
L'homme à deux femmes
House Carpenter
In Canso Strait
The Isle of France
The Jam on Gerry's Rocks
J'aime labouteille
Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
J'entends le moulin
Jim Whalen
The Kelligrews Soiree
La claire fontaine
Lady Margaret
The Log Drivers' Waltz
Lord Franklin
Lost Jimmy Whelan
The Lost Lady Found
Love is Easy
Lovely Molly
The Lumber Camp Song
The Maid From Tidehead
The Maid On The Shore
The Mary Ellen Carter
My Dear Mary Anne
My Country, Tis My Cathedral
Mon pèr' m'a fait bâtir maison
Montmarquette's March
Napoleon Bonaparte
Nous voilà tous rassemblés
Òran Do Cheap Breatainn
The Pretty Ploughboy
Partons, la mer est belle (Acadien)
Peter Emberley
The Rambler's Hornpipe
Ronde de l'avoine
Saulteaux Lullabye
Sally Greer
Settler's Lament
Scarborough Settler's Lament
Song of Absence (Trad. Ojibwa)
The Sheffield Apprentice
Shuck the Prairie Oyster
The Skedaddler
The Snow Shoe Tramp
Stack the Rags (Jig)
The Star of Logy Bay
The Stormy Scenes of Winter
Teaming Up The Cariboo Road
The Three Butchers
Thyme, 'Tis A Pretty Flower
Time To Be Made A Wife
Undaunted Mary
Valse Frontenac
Van Diemen's Land
Le vieux sapin
V'la le bon vent
We'll Rant And We'll Roar
When the Ice-worms Nest Again
When the Shantyboy Comes Down
When You and I Were Young, Maggie
Who Is At My Window Weeping?
William Glen
Wood River
Workin' at the Woolco
The Wreck Of The Asia
Yon Green Vallee
Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low
The Young Voyageur


The Gaspé Reel
The Mouth of the Tobique
Mother's Reel
The Cricket Dancing
The Crooked Leg
Return of the Cricket
Pretty Little Catherine
Alouette Reel
West Point Reel
Mabou Coal Mines
The Old King's Reel
The King's Reel
Whalen's Breakdown
The Crooked Stovepipe
Le bonne homme et la belle femme (Reel)
Cape Breton Wedding
Hamish The Carpenter
The Big Coffin Reel
Quadrille Acadien
Quadrille Canadienne
Quadrille Française
Quadrille Indian
Quadrille de Chez Nous
Reel de St. Blandin
Reel de St. Jean
The Royal Canadian Quadrille
La Chaîne de Reel
Reel des Sucres
Reel des Éboulements
Reel de Montréal
Reel du Pêcheur
Ronfleuse Gobeil
Saint Anne's Reel
Valleyfield Reel
Reel St. Siméon
Guilmetre's Waltz Clog
Lacroix's Waltz Clog
The Farmer's Reel
Doucette's Reel
The Highlandman's Reel
Reel à Joe Bibienne
Chéticamp Reel
Ottawa Valley Reel
The Miramichi Fire
Lots of Fish in Bonavist' Harbour
I's the B'y
Reel à Bedou
The Acadian Breakdown
The Prince Edward Island Wedding Reel
The Herring Reel


Be British
Canada, I Hear You Calling
The Canadian Guns
Canadian Forever
The Canadian Soldier
For the Glory of the Grand Old Flag
Freedom for All Forever
Good Luck to the Boys of the Allies
Hats Off to the Flag and the King
A Handful of Maple Leaves (from the Boar War)
Here's to Tommy
Highlanders! Fix Bayonets!
The Homes They Leave Behind
I Love You, Canada
In Flanders Fields
Jack Canuck
Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You
Keep Your Head Down, Fritzie Boy
La Brabançonne
La Mere Canadienne
Land of the Maple
Laurentian Echo
The Made in Canada Campaign Song
The Man Behind the Plaw
Maple Leaf Forever
Mary Dear
The Old Destroyer Squadron
Our Hearts Go Out to You, Canada
The Song of the Allies
Strike for the Grand Old Flag
Take Me Back to Canada
Take Me Back to the Land of Promise
They Sang God Save the King
Three Cheers for the Army and Navy
Tommy Atkins
You Bet Your Life We Will All Go
We're from Canada
We'll Never Let the Old Flag Fall

Canadian Patrol
Canadiana March
Dominion of Canada March
Hands Across the Sea
In Old Quebec
Jack O' York
Les Alliés
Vive La Canadienne!


It is difficult to determine if a WWII song was mearly "sung" by our Canadian service men and women, or actually written during the war by, or about Canadians. I have attempted to include hereunder ONLY songs that are truely Canadian WWII songs. There may be others, but this is as far as I was able to get.

23rd Flotilla
413 Squadron
417's Lament
692 Song
A Ric-A-Dam-Doo
Admiralty House Supper Song
Alliford Bay
Artillery Alphabet
Athabaskan's Finish
The Battle of Halifax
Beneath the Barber Pole
CCF To Victory!
Drunk Last Night
Dieppe 1942
Don't Send Me Home
The Fighting 43rd
Fires Of Calais
The Gunner's Lament
How Ashamed I Was
The Maple Leaf Squadron
South of Colombo
My Only Woodbine
My Sweet Little Air Force Blue Suit
No. 5 Squadren Song
The North Atlantic Squadron
O'er the Hills of Sicily
Old King Cole (433 Squadron)
On Ilkla Moor
Onward to the Po
The Quarter Master's Stores
Prince Henry Song
Roll Along, Wavy Navy
The Saguenay Song
South of the Sangro
Subaltern's Song
The Wearin' of the Green
We're On Our Way
When I Was L.O.B.

Note:- Many of the song titles in the above WW II list were obtained from Anthony Hopkins' wonderful book "Songs from the Front & Rear (Canadian Servicemen's Songs of the Second World War)" - ISBN 0-8830-172-3


The following is a collection of Canadian songs about the railway, the people and the places along the tracks.

Algoma Central #69
Bad Day for Trains
A Canadian Hobo's Lullaby
Canadian Pacific
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
The Champlain and St. Lawrence Line
Dear Train
Didn't Hear the Train
Dreams of the Hobo
E&NA Track
Fast Freight
Five Two Twelve
The Flyin' CPR
Gandy Dancer's Ball
Ghosts of Myra Canyon
Gold Dust (The Bill Miner Story)
Grand Trunk Waltz
The Guysboro Train
Harvest Train
Hudson Bay Line
Iron Horse
Kettle Valley Line
Little Town Lost
Movin' In
Never Did Like That Train
Norman's Ride
Old Log Train
One Way Track
Orangedale Whistle
Prairie Harvester Song
Railway Tune
Royal Hudson
Sixteen Miles
Steel Rail Blues
Thirty Seven Sixteen
The Toronto Subway Song
Le Train du Nord
Train Wreck At Almonte
The Trans Canadian Super Continental
TTC Skedaddler
The Watchman's Gone
VIA Rail

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