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Prince Edward Island
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Prince Edward Island Arms
Prince Edward Island Coat of Arms

Prince Edward Island Flag
Prince Edward Island Flag

Capital City: Charlottetown
Date Entered Confederation: July 1, 1873
Area: 5,660 Sq Km
Population: Click Here for Population Page
Motto: The Small Under The Protection Of The Great
Known As: Home of Confederation
Provincial Flower: Lady's Slipper
Provincial Bird: Blue Jay
Provincial Tree: Red Oak
Lieutenant Governor: Hon. Antoinette Perry
Premier: Hon. Dennis King
Political Party: Progressive Conservative
Main Products: Agricultural: Potatoes, tobacco, Irish moss, cattle, pigs, lobsters, scallops, oysters, tuna.
Manufactured: Fish products, dairy products, foods, wood products.
Mined: Sand and gravel, stone.

One of the four Atlantic Provinces, Prince Edward Island is also Canada's smallest province in both area and population.

The crescent-shaped island is only 224 km in length and ranges in width from 6 to 64 km. It lies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, separated from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by Northumberland Strait. Its highest point is 152 m above sea level. The province has numerous lakes and rivers, most of which are quite small.

Rich soil and a temperate climate make Prince Edward Island an ideal place for mixed farming. Half of its land is under cultivation, earning it the nickname, "the Garden Province." It is renowned for its unique red soil, excellent potatoes, vast sand dunes and 800 km of pristine beaches.

The province is now connected to the New Brunswick mainland via the 12.9 kilometre Confederation Bridge which joins Borden-Carleton, PE and Cape Jourimain, NB. It is the longest bridge over ice covered waters in the world, and provides automobile access to the province. Previously, the only way to reach Prince Edward Island was by way of the car-ferry.
(Text courtesy Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)

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