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My Own Haiku Poems


The 300-year old Haiku Poem has its own distinct discipline:-
Each complete poem has only three lines, totalling 17 syllables.

- the first line must be five syllables
- the second line must be seven syllables
- the third line must be five syllables

When these rigid conditions are met, the result can be a very satisfying word picture

A Haiku poem can be on any topic or subject. It only takes your own individual imagination to think of a subject, and a bit of work and refinement to bring about a pleasant Haiku story. And that is what Haiku is - a story with only 17 syllables in 3 lines.

Here are several of my own Haiku Poems:-

(A. Knight, author)

Note: There have been a few visitors that have taken copies of My Haiku Poems and used them as their own. This is Plagiarism and highly frowned upon by teachers and others. Please compose your own Haiku poems.

My Haiku is mine.
You should do your own thinking.
Take not these from me !!

Clouds sit still above.
Mountains stir a placid sea.
Nature's beauty glows.
Birds take wing on high,
gliding over angry waves
back to their safe nests.
Bamboo grows in ranks,
stirring in the morning wind
to wave soft greetings.
Born, we quickly age.
but wisdom comes so slowly,
young minds never die.
Notes fell like soldiers
upon the still battlefield
and silently, died.
Who came before us ?
Were they ancestors ?
Haiku softly sings
and a word picture is formed.
A feast for the mind.
Those who came before
shall forever be with us,
always remembered.
Poetry, like love
will lift your heart to new heights
or rip it to shreads!
Children learn from us.
Teach them about ancestors.
Start a Family Tree!
Mother Nature's way ...
A butterfly flutters by.
Light snack for a bird.
Nature is not ours.
It should be left for children,
The best gift we give.
Wind howls in anger.
Suddenly, the lights go out.
Cold and darkness come.
Candle flames dancing,
Casting shadows on the wall.
Ghostly images.
Two whales call softly.
Eerie notes to break your heart.
Their way of talking
Nothing is easy.
Even life will be harder
.. if you just give up!
Choirs softly sing.
Beautiful music by voice.
Songs in harmony.
Life is like weather.
Storms to spoil your best made plan.
Then, sunshine returns.

More Haiku will come
when inspiration strikes me!
Or - when time permits.

Note that the subject or content of a Haiku poem does not matter, as long as the basic 5-7-5 rule applies. Try it yourself and see just how talented you are ..!

NOTE: If you only looked at this Haiku page you have missed my whole site about CANADA.


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