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Canada's License Plates

Canada's National Flag

The License Plates of Canada's
Provinces and Territories

(Veteran's Plates are shown at bottom of this page)

Each Province and Territory has its own distinctive and colourful license plate. Shown here are the 13 individual plates currently on Canadian automobiles. Note the various logos and mottos on most of the plates.

British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland & Labrador


Northwest Territory


British Columbia
2010 Olympics

Some Images above are shown with permission of David Nicholson from his Licence Plate site at:-

Veteran's License Plates

Almost all Provinces and Territories have issued special license plates to Veterans.

BC Veteran

AB Veteran

SK Veteran

MB Veteran

ON Veteran

QC Veteran

NB Veteran

NS Veteran

PI Veteran

NL Veteran

YK Veteran

NT Veteran

NU Veteran

None Yet

Memorial Cross (also known as the Silver Cross) Plates

These are special license plates are issued (upon application) to next-of-kin of armed forces personnel who have received the Memorial Cross (also known as the Silver Cross). They honour Canadian Armed Forces members who gave their lives while on active service.

BC Memorial Cross plate

SK Memorial Cross plate

British Columbia Parks Plates

The province of BC has unveiled three new commemorative plates bearing images from B.C.’s parks:-
the Purcell Mountains, Porteau Cove, and the Kermode bear (better known as the “spirit bear.”)

BC Parks Special Plates

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