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Who am I ?
I use the on-line nickname Felix (because I really love that Cat). I am a native-born Canadian senior citizen living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Why a Home Page (Why Not?)
These pages were started in early 1998 as a new hobby to "learn some HTML code"! Also - "keep the mind active"! After much trial and error and some hair-pulling, the site eventually evolved into several different sections. It has now grown to become not only my personal Year 2000 Millennium Project about our great country CANADA, but also an educational tool for both teachers and students.

Canadian Content (Main Feature)
You will find a large number of interesting and educational pages All About Canada and thousands of Canadian Facts. There are pages of Quick Facts about each Province and Territory. Three pages cover Canada in Space and there is a special page about Nunavut, that teaches you a few words of the Inuktitut language. Most of the content on these pages was gleaned from the internet - only a small part is original. Lots of other topics about Canada and Canadians are fully covered in my site. Just click a topic in the left-frame to go to a page. Note again, that I am not the authour on much of the information found here. Please don't be angry at ME for what you may disagree with or find offensive.

Felix's Fun and Learning (Things to Do)
Check out a sample of some of my own original Haiku Poems and how they are written. There are two pages about the many films starring my favourate feline Felix the Cat

Hopefully, all the Canadian pages will entertain, enlighten and perhaps even educate you, or help you in a project about Canada.

Our Family Tree (Large Family!)
And finally .... there are is a link to our very complex Family Tree Site , which goes back to France, early New France, the USA and Canada in the 1600's. The search for these ancestors has been on going for over 50 years and is still not complete (will it ever be?).

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something within my site to interest you. Please come back and visit again real soon.

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