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A tree in nature consists of many branches. It is the inter-twining of those branches that makes the tree. So too with the Knight and Vaughan Family Trees.
There are many different families that join together, over time, to form the entire family tree that you will find here. Our family is a diverse mixture of many names. The Main Branches are: KNIGHT - VAUGHAN - FORGUES - POPE - McIVER - WING - ELLWOOD

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The Knight and Vaughan Family Trees

The following buttons take you to a file that lists of all ancestors and decendants in the Data Base.

Please note that detailed information on living persons has been excluded.

Reading Trees - Children are listed following their parents details. If a person has decendants a number will be shown before their name. That number will be carried DOWN where the additional information on that person is shown. If someone is not married, their full info is shown with the name, but they are not assigned a number.

To learn more about ancestors Jean-Pierre Forgues and Marie Robineau - click on the following French flag of 1643:-

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The earliest Forgues record is that of Pierre-Jean 'Peyjean' who was born in 1573 who was the father of Jacques and the grandfather of Jean-Pierre (OUR FIRST ANCESTOR IN CANADA).

Jacques is referenced in "Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec" by Rene Jette 1983, p.429 and Pierre-Jean is referenced in "Genealogical Dictionary of our Origins" Volume 1:1608-1730 (Complement to Jette) 1st edition by Denis Beauregard 1998, p.37

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