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Here's Felix the Cat!

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Felix And His Magic Bag

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When his screen career faded in popularity in the mid-1930s, Felix spent a several years in a memorable series of short comic films titled FELIX'S MAGIC BAG OF TRICKS. In this series, Felix's magic satchel was introduced and was featured in many of the films. It is still full of wonderful tricks and things !
This limited-animation series was produced by Otto Messmer's former assistant, Joe Oriolo. It introduced Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks, as well as characters like The Professor, Vavoom, Master Cylinder and Poindexter (believed to be named after Oriolo's lawyer).

1958-59 Trans-Lux Television
The Magic Bag
Into Outer Space
Abominable Snowman
Felix Out West
Felix the Cat Suit
Electronic Brainwasher
Do-It-Yourself Monster Book
Blubberino the Whale
Ghostly Concert
Captain No-Kiddin'
Felix in Egypt
Detective Thinking Hat
Balloon Blower Machine
Friday the 13th
Stone Making Machine
Penelope the Elephant
The Money Tree
Oil and Indians Don't Mix
The Glittering Jewels
The Gold Car and County Fair
Sheriff Felix Vs. the Gas Cloud
Felix's Gold Mine
(aka How To Steal a Gold Mine)
Private Eye Felix and Pierre Mustache
The Gold Fruit Tree
The Flying Saucer
Felix Baby-sits
Instant Money
Master Cylinder
King of the Moon
The Invisible Professor
Venus and the Master Cylinder

1960-61 Trans-Lux Television
The Termites of 1960
Moo Moo Island Oysters
The Mouse and Felix
King Neptune's S. O. S.
Relax-a-Lawn Chair
The African Diamond Affair
Felix's Prize Garden
"Finally, the Magic Bag is Mine!"
Felix and the Rhinoceros
Felix-Finder and the Ghost Town
Snoopascope, a Magic Bag of Tricks
Stone Age Felix
The Gold Silkworms
Felix and Vavoom
The Jubilee Dime
Movie Star Felix
Youth Water
Game Warden Felix
Master Cylinder Captures Poindexter
Atomic Drive Explosion of Master Cylinder
The Jewel Bird
The Atomic Rocket Fuel
The Hairy Berry Bush
General Clang and the Secret Rocket Fuel
The Rajah's Elephants
The Exchanging Machine
The Leprechaun
The Master Cylinder's Spacegram
The Leprechaun's Gold
Felix and the Mid-Evil Ages The Capturing of the Leprechaun King
Martin the Martian Meets Felix the Cat
The Professor's Committed No Crime!
The Martian Rescue
The Portable Closet
Redbeard the Pirate
A Museum, the Professor and Rock Bottom
The Professor's Instant Changer
The Vacation Mirage
The Sea Monster and Felix
The Diamond Tree
King of the Leprechauns
The Magic Apples
Oysters and Starfishes
The Haunted House
Gold Digger Vavoom
The Wizard and Sir Rock
The Coal Diamonds
Out West with Big Brownie
Love-Sick Squirt Gun
Mechanical Felix
The Ski Jump
Felix and the Beanstalk
The Milky Way
The Super Rocket Formula
The Weather Maker
The Giant Magnet
The Instant Truck Melter
The Pep Pill
Leprechaun Gold From Rainbows
The Magnetic Ray
The Instant Grower
The Professor's Ancestor
The Wizard
Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks
The Uranium Discovery
Chief Standing Bull
The Strongest Robot in the World
Stairway to the Stars
Cleaning House
Vavoom Learns How to Fish
The Golden Nugget
The Genie
Felix and Poindexter Out West
The Bad Genie
The Rajah's Zoo
The Loan Business
A Treasure Chest
The Essence of Money
Mercury's Winged Sandals
The $10,000 Vacation
Brother Pebble Bottom
The North Pole and a Walrus Hunt
Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets
The Trip Back from the North Pole
The Golden Whale
North Pole Jail Hole
Felix the Handyman
Public Enemies Number One and Two

Felix The Cat


Felix most recently lit up the screen again in the mid-1990's in a strange and unusual series titled TWISTED TALES OF FELIX THE CAT, produced by Film Roman, Inc. and still shown on television. Here are the titles of those 1995-1996 TV-films:-

Space Time Twister
Guardian Idiot
Don't String Me Along
The Sludge King
Mars Needs Felix
Now Playing
Jailhouse Shock
The Manhattan Triangle
The Petrified Cheese
Middle Aged Felix
Felix in Psychedelicland
Forever Rafter
Now Boarding
Felix Breaks the Bank
Order of the Black Cats
Noah's Nightclub
Felix's Gold Score
The Earth Heist
Attack of the Tacky
Felix in Nitedrop Land
Shocking Story
Space Case
Love at First Slice
Peg Leg Felix
Gross Ghost
Felix's Big Splash
Swedish Meatballs
Shell Shock
The Big Hunt
News Blues
(aka Stop the Presses)
Wet Paint

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