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Canada's National Flag

More Circulation Coins

A bust of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the face-side of all Canadian coins.


Queen Elizabeth II

2014 Lucky Loonie

The Royal Canadian Mint issued its latest commemorative circulation coin, the 2014 Lucky Loonie in January 2014. It was given to and will serve as a good luck charm for all Canadian athletes competing in Sochi at the 2014 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games. Note that the date (2014) is on the face of the coin.

2014 Olympics Lucky Loonie

2014 Wait For Me Daddy

A new $2 (toonie) circulation coin was issued October 4, 2014. It commerates the photograph of Whitey Bernard escaping the clutches of his mother Bernice and racing to his father Jack, a rifleman who was leaving for war with the B.C. Regiment (Duke of Connaughts Own Rifles). The photograph, which became world famous, was shot on October 1st, 1940 by Claude Dettloff, a photographer for the Vancouver Province.

"Wait For Me Daddy" Toonie

2015 Sir John A. Macdonald

January 11 2015 - As Canada prepares to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017, the Royal Canadian Mint proudly celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of the nationís primary architect and first Prime Minister: Sir John A. Macdonald.

Sir John A. Macdonald Toonie

2015 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag

June 9, 2015 - As the Canadian Flag celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint proudly pays tribute to our national symbol by issuing both a coloured and non-coloured commemorative 25-cent circulation coin to celebrate this milestone. Few symbols of Canada are as easily recognized as the red and white national flag featuring the emblematic red maple leaf. Canada's flag represents pride, valour, freedom and peace and is considered one of the most widely recognized national symbols in the world. But most of all, for Canadians, it represents home and unites us all by creating a common identity that bridges our different cultures, languages and beliefs.
This coin includes a design of fifty children who each represent one of the flag's 50 years, as well as Canada's future. The words "50 years/ans" appear at the bottom center.

Canadian Flag Quarter

100th Anniversary of Poem 'In Flanders Fields'
and Remembrance Day

2015 marked the 100th anniversary of Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae's writing of In Flanders Fields. It is one of the First World War's most recognized poems and an integral part of Canadian culture. The poem's striking imagery has served to enshrine the poem and the poppy as enduring and powerful symbols of remembrance for all Canadians, to this day.

Poppy Quarters

Remenbrance Day Toonie

The 100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote
A Turning Point In Our History

Issued March 8, 2016 on International Women's Day - The 100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote is commemorated with this beautifully crafted $1 circulation coin depicting a woman proudly casting a ballot, while her daughter, who represents the future, looks on.

100th Anniversary Women's Right To Vote

2016 Lucky Loonie

This circulation coin was released on July 1, 2016 and continues the previous tradition of the "Lucky Loonie" issued prior to Olympic Games. This coin was given to each member of the Canadian Olympic Team participating in the 2016 Games in Brazil.

2016 Olympic Games Lucky Loonie

2016 Battle of the Atlantic

October 20, 2016 - In dramatic detail, 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic $2 commemorative circulation coin pays tribute to the men and women who served and supported the Allied war effort in the North Atlantic during the Second World War.
A watchful sailor aboard a Canadian warship sailor presses his eye to the viewfinder of his anti-aircraft gun, scanning the skies for threats while unforgiving seas roll by below. Two other Canadian vessels are depicted in the distance, while a Bristol Beaufighter flies overhead.

The Battle of the Atlantic

Additional circulation coins will be added as they are issued

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