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Canada's National Flag

More Circulation Coins

A bust of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the face-side of all Canadian coins.


Queen Elizabeth II

Lucky Loonie - Olympics 2006
At the Olympic Winter Games in 2002, a loonie brought a stroke of good fortune to Canada when our menís and womenís hockey teams skated to victory over a Lucky Loonie buried beneath centre ice. This specially designed Lucky Loonie circulation dollar coin is again issued to celebrate a Canadian Olympic story and to wish all of our Canadian athletes the very best of luck during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

2006 Olympics Loonie

Pink Ribbon Quarter
This coin was put into circulation on April 02, 2006 to draw attention to the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer campaign.
Thanks to earlier detection and more effective treatment, more and more Canadians are surviving breast cancer. Since its inception in 1986, the Canadian Cancer Foundation has raised more than $100 million through individual donations, community and corporate partnerships, and national fund-raising activities. This coin pays tribute to their work.

2006 Pink Ribbon Quarter

New face on all 2006-future coins


Queen Elizabeth II
(note mint mark)

There is a new "mint mark", based on a simplified RCM logo inside a circle, that will be struck on the face of all new circulating Canadian coins, beginning with the following coin:

Medal Of Bravery Quarter
This 25-cent coin features a depiction of the Medal of Bravery and pays tribute to everyday Canadians who risk their lives to save or protect others. It was issued in October 2006 and put into general circulation. The COIN face contains the new mint mark (see below)>

2006 Medal Of Bravery Quarter

10th anniversary $2 coin
This new circulation coin is a special tribute to the $2 coin that was introduced in 1996. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, this $2 coin is struck with a special edition polar bear design on the reverse and double date, 1996-2006 on the face. The new "mint mark" appears on this coin.
Following a nation-wide contest, the polar bear that appears on the $2 coin has been named "Churchill" after the Manitoba city where these bears are often found in large numbers.

Anniversary of $2 coin

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