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Please note: I am NOT a coin dealer nor a collector, so I cannot answers questions about your coins.

NOTE: Coin images are for Educational purposes only and may be larger than the actual coins

Canada's National Flag

More Special Issue Coins

A bust of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the face-side of all current Canadian coins.

Note: Coins shown are NOT to scale and are mostly shown in larger than normal size.

For Canada's Centennial of Confederation (100th birthday) in 1967, the Royal Canadian Mint issued a series of coins depicting Canada's wildlife. For the first time in history, a $20 Gold coin was also minted and included in special presentation sets.

1 Cent
5 Cent
10 Cent
25 Cent
Wildcat (Bobcat)
50 Cent
1 Dollar
Canada Goose

The $20 Gold coin, shown larger here for viewing of design details, is actually slightly smaller, but three-times thicker than the .25 cent coin. It is also very heavy due to the gold content.

20 Dollar Gold
Coat of Arms

Canada's 125th birthday in 1992 saw the minting of a set of .25 cent quarters - one for each of the 10 provinces and (then) 2 territories. These sets were very popular with Canadians and most coins had limited circulation - most going into collections.


The .25 Cent and the Dollar coins all have the dates 1867-1992 on the face to signify Canada's 125 years since Confederation. The other coin denominations in this issue all have these dates on the back (as shown).

1 cent
5 cents
10 cents
50 cents
1 dollar

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) appear on coins issued in 1973 and 1998.

1973 Quarter
1973 Dollar
1973 Dollar
1998 Dollar

Golden Jubilee Coins - 2002

To commemorate the golden jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Canada, all coins minted for the 2002 Special Edition bear the double dates "1952-2002". The following denominations are included: one-cent, five-cent, ten-cent, twenty five-cent, fifty-cent, one-dollar (loon), two-dollar (polar bear) and the special one-dollar 50th Anniversary coin shown below. This dollar coin is impossible to find in circulation.

2002 Dollar

The lower denominaton coins (1-cent to 50-cent) also bear the "1952-2002" dates on the face side of the coin and can be all found in general circulation. The obverse of the 2002 fifty-cent Golden Jubilee coin (shown below) reflects a commemorative medallion struck 50 years ago (1952) to mark the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, while the other 4 coins bear their normal obverse images.

2002 50 cents

Golden Jubilee Canada Day - 2002
This coin was released July 1 and circulated only for 3 months. They were issued to celebrate 135th birthday of Canada. The face has the dates 1952-2002 (the Queen's Golden Jubilee year). They are difficult to find in circulation today. A "colourized" version was also produced but this can only be found is (uncirculated) collector's sets of the 2002 coins.

2002 25 cents
Canada Day

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