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Canada's National Flag


In March 2015, the mint launched a national contest inviting the public to create new designs for the 2017 circulation coin series celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary. The Royal Canadian Mint received over ten thousand entries from every province and territory for the My Canada, My Inspiration 2017 circulation coin design contest, with designs being submitted in each of the following five categories:

.05 cent coin - Our Passions (From culture to sports, to pastimes)
.10 cent coin - Our Character (Values or principles which define Canadian identity)
.25 cent coin - Our Future (This category was reserved for Canadians 12-years of age and under)
$1 coin - Our Achievements (Discoveries, exploration or victories)
$2 coin - Our Wonders (Canada's beauty, from nature to monuments)

2017 Circulation Coins - including coloured 25 cent and 2 dollar "glow-in-the-dark" versions

| 5cent - Living Traditions | 10cent - Wings of Peace | 25cent - Green Future | $1 - Connecting a Nation | $2 - Dance Spirits |

The "face" designs were also changed for 2017

Coin sizes are larger or smaller than shown

Release dates for the Canada 150 coins will be announced sometime in 2017.

2017 - 125th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup

March 18, 2017 - The Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup, the oldest trophy in North American sports, by producing a limited-edition commemorative quarter.
The coin features the Cup surrounded by two hockey players. On the left is a player who would have vied for the trophy in its earliest days. On the right is a player from today's era. Together, they represent the full span of a rich history that dates to March 18, 1892, when Lord Stanley, the Governor General of Canada, introduced the idea of a championship trophy for the country's top amateur hockey team.
Although its appearance has changed throughout the years, the Stanley Cup remains an enduring symbol of Canada's beloved winter sport.

125 year Anniversary of Stanley Cup

2017 - 100th Anniversary - Battle Of Vimy Ridge

October 5, 2017 - The Royal Canadian Mint pays homage to Canada’s fallen with a special toonie now in circulation for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
The commemorative $2 coin, which depicts two soldiers standing on either side of an image of the Vimy memorial in France.
Canadian troops secured a hard-fought victory at Vimy Ridge in April 1917. Nearly 11,000 died in the battle. However, it helped lead to Canada’s recognition as an independent nation and helped create a newfound sense of pride and national unity.

100 year Anniversary - Battle Of Vimy Ridge

2017 - 100th Anniversary - Toronto Maple Leafs

Oct 8, 2017 For 100 years, the Toronto Maple Leafs have ignited their fans' passion with unforgettable experiences and great hockey. The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the Leafs' centennial with this commemorative circulation loonie.
The reverse of this new one-dollar circulation coin depicts the emblematic Maple Leafs logo flanked by classic wood and modern composite hockey sticks which, along with the dates 1917 and 2017, symbolize the team's 100-year history. A puck at the top of the design completes the look of this unforgettable hockey-themed coin.

100 year Anniversary - Toronto Maple Leafs

2018 - 100th Anniversary of The Armistice

On November 11, 1918, Allied and German forces met in France to sign the Armistice, paving the way for peace and ending the First World War. This year, the Royal Canadian Mint is honouring the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice and the sacrifices of our Canadian and Newfoundland men and women who served in the military. This circulation coin recalls the signing of the historic peace treaty ending the First World War on November 11, 1918. Both coloured and plain poppy versions were released.

100 year Anniversary - The Armistice

Additional circulation coins will be added as they are issued

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